Custom Web Development

I’ve been creating websites since the 90’s and have made contributions to a wide variety of sites over the years. The following list contains some of my efforts on currently supported and some past sites.

Site development for a leading edge photography club - deployed June 2018, additional functionality ongoing

Site development for a startup in the medical devices industry. Also developed company logos and ongoing work on corporate identity

Pro-Bono site development for a capital campaign to raise money for the Center for the Arts Evergreen facilities

Copper Mountain volunteer organization for skier safety and augmenting ski patrol activities - recently updated to be responsive and updatable by owners - includes full volunteer scheduling package

Professional television community site serving the "Society of Broadcast Engineers" (Chapter 48) and the" Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers" (Rocky Mountain Chapter)

Manufacturing state-of-the-art archival solutions for the professional media industry

Professional video equipment reseller and consulting company

Volunteer Kitten Rescue organization pro bono web site development - by far the cutest site I ever did

Vendor of tile murals created from photographs and designs