December 2023: More cups and bowls… have some other projects in the works, but I love throwing on the wheel (some of my favorites from this year follow).

December 2022: I keep making cups and bowls… I can’t help it, I just enjoy doing it. Starting to play around with designs on the pots.

June 2022: Recently I’ve been trying to create the perfect espresso cup… well perfect for the way I like to make espresso. They’re supposed to hold 4 ounces, supposed to. The the cup lip and throat is designed to reduce both heat loss and sloshing. The handles have a thumb rest and a lower finger heat guard.

Here’s some of my favorite pottery done over the past 6 years – click on an image to view larger

My Mom was an incredible potter and sculptor, she signed her work “Perigol” as a contraction of her full name Peggy Reisner Goldberg. I’ve followed her lead, signing my pieces “Thorigol” for Thomas Richard Goldberg. Here is some of her work that remains with the family