I’ve spent years trying to be creative and have collected some of the images I’d like to share with you on this page.

All works linked-to from this page are copyrighted by me – if you would like to use anything shown here either shared or re-embedded elsewhere on the web, please contact me for permission.


Galleries of my favorite images from the past few years, please enjoy looking around:

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More Photos

Please visit some galleries I’ve created hosted on other sites:

My best earlier digital photography is posted at the following links:


Ink Sketches

[foldergallery folder=”../tgimages/drawdles/webdrawdles_sm/” title=”Drawdles” border=0 padding=0 margin=0 thumbnails=”single”] [foldergallery folder=”../tgimages/drawdles/webart04/” title=”Drawings” thumbnails=”single”]
Here are a bunch of pen and ink images I’ve made over the past few years – are they drawings or doodles? I don’t know, so I call them Drawdles (or they could be doodrings).
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Here are some scans of larger drawings I did a little while back
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Logo Development

  [foldergallery folder=”../tgimages/tglogos/” title=”Logo Graphics” thumbnails=”single”]

  I’m kind of proud of the logos I’ve developed over the years
I’d like the opportunity to do more. Click the image to view.

Tom’s Pottery

Mom’s Pottery

[foldergallery folder=”../tgimages/tomspottery/” title=”Tom’s Pottery” caption=”none” sort=”random” thumbnails=”single”] [foldergallery folder=”../tgimages/momspottery/” title=”Mom’s Pottery” sort=”random” thumbnails=”single”]
For the past few years I’ve been trying my hand at pottery, something I tried as a teenager and have returned to late in life.
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My introduction to pottery was through my mother who created many works in the 60’s and early 70’s – here are some images of those pieces still in our family’s possession.
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Definitely not art – but I’ve linked my youtube page here just for jollies: