I have spent my professional career principally working for equipment manufacturers in Broadcast, Production, and Post Production for Video and Film, now broadly described ‘media and entertainment.’ I’ve been associated with some very signficant products in the technology evolution of the industry, many of which are shown below. During this tenure, I have become a subject matter expert on video servers and archiving, with a broad background in broadcast and post production processes as well as the newer broadband enabled television technologies.


VP of Product Development and one of 3 Founders of Cache-A Corporation

Cache-A was the leading maker of Archive Appliances for Film and Television,
acquired in 2014 by ProMax Corporation

Prime-Cache – Low cost, quiet desktop archiving solutions in LTO-4,5, and 6

Pro-Cache – High performance in a compact appliance, start with a single drive, expand to 2 drives, even control a library

Power-Cache – Rack mount archiving solutions controlling up to 4 tape drives and libraries with up to 80 tapes



Key consultant on Quantum’s A-Series data tape solutions for the video industry

Introduced 2005 – the first self-contained network attached data tape archiving solutions

SDLT 600A – 300GB / 36MB/s Network Attached MXF Aware Data Tape Drive

LTO 3A – 400GB / 68MB/s Network Attached MXF Aware Data Tape Drive

SuperLoader 3A- 6.4TB Network Attached MXF Aware Data Tape Autoloader



One of the principal contributors on some of the most significant seminal professional video servers

Pluto Space series Video Servers
Avid AirSPACE Broadcast Server (formerly Pluto Technologies) – Introduced 1999

HyperSPACE HDTV Post Production Server – Introduced 1998

Pluto VideoSPACE Uncompressed Post Production Server – Introduced 1996



Philips BTS Media Pool
Introduced 1994 – the first scaleable compression, scaleable stream, shared storage video server






Product Management and Design input over generations of post production, production and master control switchers

Philips BTS Saturn Digital Master Control






Ampex DCT 700s Digital Component Production Switcher





Ampex Vista Digitally Controlled Post Production Switcher





Ampex AVC and Century Series Digitally Controlled Production Switchers







Ampex 4000 Series Analog Composite Production Switchers





Ampex MC4 Analog Master Control Switcher




Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers – Member since 1985