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The EMP test that is planned for Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs is now scheduled for this coming Thursday, 1/18 with a 2PM start time. The testing will take about an hour to complete. Since my original email I’ve received two documents (see attached) that clarify some details of the test. One is a list of the frequencies that will be emitted by the test antenna that also includes the coordinates of the antenna. The other is a MIL-STD document that describes the test apparatus and procedure.

To repeat an earlier summary with some updates, the testing comprises a CW signal on discrete frequencies from 10 kHz to 1000 MHz with 100 millisecond dwell time, once every 5 minutes, at a maximum of 15 times per hour at 10 watts output power with a 7 dBi gain Yagi antenna ( approximately 50 watts EIRP). The antenna will be located 10m above ground and have a slight downward tilt towards the building under test.

Broadcasters are invited to attend to determine if the testing has any significant effect on radio or television receivers located in close proximity to the test location. Because the test transmit antenna is directional we needed to know the azimuth in order to position any monitoring equipment (spectrum analyzer, FM receiver or television receiver) in a location where it would be most susceptible to receiving interference. The word we’ve been given is that there will be two antennae, one pointed east and one pointed south.

Consulting a map of the Peterson AFB area, to the south is the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport and to the east is a mostly industrial/office area surrounded by prairie. There is a small housing development just past the SW corner of the airport and across South Powers Blvd, but in general there is not much housing in the main lobe of either test antenna. This may affect your desire to monitor this particular test. If you do participate, this information should help you decide where to station your monitoring personnel/equipment.

I’ve assured the AF and the FCC that any broadcaster participating in test monitoring would not need to enter Peterson AFB as we would mostly be concerned with interference outside the base perimeter. I had originally planned to attend the test, but after learning these new details I don’t feel there is much potential for harmful interference to any significant population. However, if any broadcasters do intend to participate please let me know and I’ll change my plans as well. I’d like to be able to tell the FCC and the Air Force who is attending so please let me now if you plan to attend.