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I’ve always been aspiring to be an artist and have collected some of my efforts on this page. While my artistic endeavors are not commercial, they do inform my creative efforts including my consultancy.

All works linked-to from this page are copyrighted by me – if you would like to use anything shown here either shared or re-embedded elsewhere on the web, please contact me for permission.


I’ve been creating annual calendars since 2007 with my best landscape photographs of the year – I’ve collected here links to albums that capture those images:

I’ve been documenting a variety of events recently and over time, here are some of those:

Here are some links to landscape albums I’ve posted over the years on Google:


Here are a bunch of pen and ink images I’ve made over the past few years – are they drawings or doodles? I don’t know, so I call them Drawdles (or they could be doodrings). Click the image to view.
Here are some scans of larger drawings I did a little while back, click on the image to view.




Definitely not art – but I’ve linked my youtube page here just for jollies: